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Pic Combo Answers Levels 31-45

Pic Combo answers, cheats, guide, and hints for all levels and words for the Pic Combo app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. These word answers with images include the solutions, hints, tips and a full walkthrough for all pictures and the words that go with them in Pic Combo. Users can find the word answers by searching the number of letter blanks given for every level and picture in the game. Check back to our website for all the latest updates on Pic Combo, and other games by Games for Friends GmbH.

Pic Combo Answer Artichoke


A woman painting a picture and A guy chocking another man

Pic Combo Answer Lighthouse


Two lightbulbs with one light on and A person holding out a red and white house

Pic Combo Answer Battlefield


A person dressed in Knight armor swinging a sword and A wheat field

Pic Combo Answer Casebook


A brown briefcase and A big red book titled The Book of Answers

Pic Combo Answer Earphones


A woman with her hand on her ear and A bunch of cell phones piled together

Pic Combo Answer Carnation


A black car and A country drapped in red with a white cross in the middle

Pic Combo Answer Roaming


Four people in a boat rowing and A blue and white vase

Pic Combo Answer Keychain


An electronic key and A chain link with an open link

Pic Combo Answer Headcount


A woman lying down and Children holding out numbers

Pic Combo Answer Unicycle


A group of graduates and Three people riding bicycles

Pic Combo Answer Foodstuff


A group of foods piled in order and A stuffed bunny

Pic Combo Answer Cowhide


A cartoon cow and A man hiding behind a white wall

Pic Combo Answer Windfarm


A woman being pushed by the wind and A cartoon farm with animals

Pic Combo Answer Campaign


Two people by a campfire roasting marshmellows and A person holding their back and they have a red line going down their spine

Pic Combo Answer Teamwork


A group of men in the same red colored shirt and A person with blue boots shoveling

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